Charissa Strickland

Education:ISSA Certified Trainer, TRX Qualified, Spartan OCR, DEKA athlete

Charissa Strickland



Charissa is excited to be part of the Zeta Wolf coaching team! She always loved how participating in sports and fitness made her feel, but like many people, a strong health and wellness presence was missing from her life and the further she got into her forties, the less optimistic she became that she would ever be in shape again.

That all changed when she walked into a gym that had turf, tires and sledgehammers instead of weight machines and mirrors. Charissa was inspired by people her own age and older doing things that she had not even considered starting at her age. She can’t imagine how her life would be right now had she not stepped outside of her comfort zone.

No matter your age, your past experiences with fitness, where you are starting, or where you want to go, Charissa is excited to be part of this journey with you!

Charissa is a ISSA Certified Trainer, TRX Qualified, a Spartan OCR and DEKA athlete.